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Source Code Analysis

Superior source code analysis offers greater security

As the enterprise today is under constant threat from malicious attacks, source code analysis has become a top priority. By reviewing internally developed applications before they are deployed and third-party software before it is purchased, enterprises can find and fix software vulnerabilities before they can be exploited for malicious purposes.

Since security efforts have largely been successful in securing the enterprise perimeter, hackers and other malicious individuals have turned their attention to enterprise applications. Using embedded code or exploiting flaws in software, hackers gain control of company computers and get access to confidential information and customer records. Source code analysis is one of the security tools the enterprise can use to identify flaws and malicious code in applications before they are bought or deployed.

But most source code analysis products are only partially helpful—they focus on source code which, as proprietary or intellectual property, is often not accessible for testing. For enterprises seeking a source code analysis solution that can actually deliver 100 percent coverage even when source code is not available,

SDS has the answer.

Get more accurate and cost-effective source code analysis with SDS code analysis.

SDS code analysis is the industry’s best application security testing solution that uses binary static analysis. By scanning the binary (also called “compiled” or “byte” code) instead of source code, SDS analysis technology enables enterprises to test software more effectively and comprehensively, providing greater security for the organization.

SDS code analysis is built on the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, enabling enterprises to get on-demand security assessments. In the past, application security assessment software has been expensive to purchase, and it required constant upgrades to keep up with ever-evolving threats.

SDS code analysis frees enterprises from having to spend resources on the purchase of software or hardware, on hiring software security experts and consultants to operate it, and on constant maintenance to keep effective.

With SDS code analysis, enterprises simply submit their binary through an online platform and get test results back in 24 hours. SDS is easy to use and access, allowing enterprises to roll out security best-practices quickly and efficiently to globally disbursed teams.

Get complete code coverage with static and dynamic analysis in a single solution

SDS code analysis provides a truly comprehensive software security testing solution. In addition to source code analysis, SDS code analysis offers dynamic application security testing, unit testing, automatic and manual penetration testing to provide comprehensive all-in-one solutions.

Dynamic application security testing is akin to an automated penetration test. With greater code coverage and more accurate results, SDS code analysis helps enterprises achieve better application security in less time and more cost-effectively.

This in turn allows development teams and software procurement teams to meet deadlines more easily, and to even accelerate speed to market.

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