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Software Support

If you need help installing new software or a quick introduction to a program that is unfamiliar to you, We are readily available to give you the software assistance you need right in your own home. We can install, upgrade, update, and configure software for your system and instruct you on the basics of using and navigating the program. This service is available with an in-home appointment, or a remote session where we efficiently connect to your computer to perform the work. Upon request, we will even record a video of the training session, complete with screenshots, so you can play it back as often as necessary.

If you need to update obsolete software, or if you are receiving error messages that just won’t go away, we can install updated software and troubleshoot any and all issues that arise. If your programs are crashing, or your apps are just plain slow, our repair techs have the knowledge and skill to get your system functioning properly.

If you would like to learn an unfamiliar program, our trained techs can help you get past your “beginner’s anxiety.” Whether it is introducing you to the basics of standard programs (such as word processing or spreadsheets), or more specialized programs (presentation programs, databases, photo manipulation and graphic design), our team of computer service professionals can guide you in the process of mastering a program.

Don’t let the intricacies of Photoshop intimidate you. Learn how to master PowerPoint. Contact Micropls, and request our software installation and configuration services along with computer training to help you quickly get up and running with a specific program. Our Melbourne location makes it easy for us to come to you anywhere in the city. Our friendly, relaxed atmosphere will give you a comfortable space where we can provide the assistance you need.

We can assist you in working with with:

Word processing software
Spreadsheet programs
Photo manipulation software
Publishing and layout programs
Presentation programs
Website design and maintenance software
Any other program you want to learn!

Dealing with all of the hardware of a computer can be enough of a hassle. What happens when you need software assistance? Micropls offers home computer service and repair for when you can’t get that application or program to just work.

Our repair technicians are friendly and efficient, helping you to solve your problems and get your computer back up and running quickly. From hard drive installation to adware removal, we have been making customers happy with our laptop repair and computer repair when they have software issues.

We will break down the complicated issues that might be confounding you into easy-to-comprehend concepts that you will understand – granting you peace of mind and helping you understand how to avoid any other issues in the future.

We know how frustrating it can be when you need that program to work and it just isn’t – that’s why we send our technicians directly to your home to sort through the problem and get things working well again. We will take care of anything necessary and get your computer back on point where it needs to be.

Don’t worry about confusing technical jargon or rude IT clerks talking over your head – we are happy to explain everything to you in a way anyone can understand, and our customer service is exceptional. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to resolve your software problems – you will be happy you did!

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