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/.NET Development
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.NET Development

.NET is a Microsoft web services strategy to connect information, people, systems, and devices through software, making it easier for users to share and use their information between multiple websites, programs, and computers. Also, being a web service, It is also a programming model that enables software developers the ability to do rapid application development by bundling a collection of software in one package. It is both a business strategy from Microsoft and its collection of programming support for what are known as Web services. The .NET platform includes servers; building-block services, such as Web-based data storage; and device software. The .NET Framework supports building and running of next gen of applications and XML Web services. Microsoft .NET supports multiple languages such as C#, VB.NET, J# etc. Microsoft .NET is used to create web, window and mobile based applications. Microsoft has developed some of their famous applications in Microsoft .NET such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint etc.

We have highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team of .NET developers. We develop .Net solutions for Web Applications, Window Applications, Web Services etc. for our customers as well as for marketplace. We always take care of customer satisfaction, fast delivery and security of project.

The SDS Advantage

Our expertise in .Net technologies provides a simple and easy path for impervious implementation of new solutions to stabilize your business in the following manner:

Improved Efficiency: Our expert ASP.NET developers build highly efficient web solutions using a robust web development framework that supports other languages

Customer-Friendly Web Solutions: ASP.NET solutions have been trusted and tested for years and our experienced web developers can assist you in leveraging all the benefits

Trusted Web Solution: Our holistic approach and proven methodology in developing customized web pages have helped us offer out-of-the box web solutions to many clients globally

Robust & Scalable: We develop a robust and customized web app with reduced codes to increase its scalability and viability in meeting all your business needs

What Makes SDS the best option?

– Proven experience in building & enhancing large scale, enterprise-grade ASP.NET Core Web APIs

– Vast experience in securing & optimising ASP.NET Core Web APIs

– Experience with Dapper ORM

– Experience in writing & optimizing highly complex SQL Server Stored Procedures

– Experienced in deploying Azure Cloud and working with Azure Jobs, Azure Blob Storage and Azure SQL

– Experience in Redis and state management across multiple servers

– DevOps  Auto Deployment Experience

– OAuth2 / JWT authentication Experience

– Integration with 3rd party tools such as PubNub & Online Payment Gateways

SDS has impartial reputation in the market for paying excellent attention to detail. Our technology experts team are always filled with energy and are passionate about building world-class products. We emphasize on strong communication and critical thinking skills, and hence all our clients look forward to working with us.

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