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Home Internet & WiFi Services

Micropls offers internet and network setup as an in-home computer service. In today’s online environment, people that lose their internet connectivity for even a day can experience a tremendous inconvenience. For many people, the internet is their lifeblood – the source of media, open communication and a center for learning and research. That is why it is important to have a computer services pro come to your home whenever you have a problem to ensure that your network is set up properly and securely. We can save you time, headache and money.

Micropls performs home computer network service quickly and efficiently, showing up to your home or office and getting you online and up to speed as fast as possible. We can set up and properly configure a secure wireless network and advise you on how best to protect your important personal data. For example, when we set up a wireless network we always use the highest level of encryption possible. We also scan the environment to check and see what other wireless networks may be around you. By knowing what other wireless networks are in range, we can strategically select a wireless channel that is not being used to maximize speed and reliability.

Internet and network services we offer:

Cabling and wiring
Local Area Networks
Wireless Networks
Internet setup
VPN and remote access
File sharing
Printer sharing
Wireless range extension
Access points
Network security
Intrusion preventions
Firewall installation
Modem & router installation

We have been providing computer support in Melbourne for 15 years and we are well respected in the community for our great customer service and our steadfast knowledge of technology. We are confident we can address your needs quickly if you need a network setup, or to resolve any internet connectivity problems you might be experiencing.

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