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Computer Upgrades

When you are looking for computer hardware sales and upgrades, Micropls’s 15 years of experience qualifies us to upgrade your computer hardware with professional expertise that is second to none. When things go wrong with your computers or, when it’s time to rev things up, we can provide new cases, power cords and connection cables at fair market value. We aim to sell you only the right items for your system. Our object is to make sure you have a system that provides you with the computing power to meet your needs.

We know all the hardware elements that the average customer could want to upgrade, and we have them available at reasonable prices. Whether it is the CPU, RAM, disk drives, solid state drives, or video cards, we can set you up with the correct new part needed for your system. We can supply and install motherboards, power supplies, any media devices, and expansion slot cards. Whether you use a mouse or a trackball, or even a touchscreen, we will make sure you purchase the input tools that you feel most comfortable with.

If you need to buy printers, monitors, or other peripherals, We will provide you with the one that best fits your needs. Instead of dealing with clueless sales clerks at a Big Box Electronics store, you will benefit from the knowledgeable technicians at Micropls and prices that are within your budget.

We can set you up with any type of hardware:

New computer cases
RAM upgrades
Larger hard drives
Faster solid state drives
High-resolution monitors
Fast and sharp printers
Power sources
Video cards
Sound cards
Power cords and connecter cables
And so much more!

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