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New Computer Setup

When you purchase a new computer for your business, call Micropls and we will set up your new computer in your office and connect to your network and devices. We can configure any brand of system you may have already purchased, or we can deliver a new computer to you. In addition, we can design and build a custom business computer to meet your specific user needs, and arrive onsite at your business to set up the new equipment.

Micropls is ready to build, deliver, and set up any type of computer, and we can train you and your staff on how to use the new system. We come to you, and will introduce you to the basics you need to keep up with every technological advance. You can have our small business IT support at your beck and call.

We will install any needed software, remove any apps that are slowing down the performance of your new system, attach any printers and scanners, and connect to shared files or a server depending on your office environment. If you or a staff member need to learn an unfamiliar program, We can help you get past your “beginner’s anxiety.” Whether it is introducing you to the fundamentals of any standard programs (such as word processing, email clients, or spread sheets), or more specialized programs (presentation programs, databases, image manipulation), we can guide you in the process of familiarizing yourself with a new program right at your location.

We can assist you with:

Setting up a new computer
Designing and building a custom workstation
Installing standard and industry-specific software
Data migration and restoration
Training and orientation with new systems
Cable organization and cleanup
Network connections and shared resources
Any other questions you have!

Don’t let setting up a new business computer eat into your busy day. Call us today to have a professional come out to help you quickly get up and running with your new device.

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