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Computer Cleanup

When you need speedy home computer service in the form of a good old fashioned cleanup, our techs will arrive to clean your computer hardware and software to make your system run faster. If your computer needs some spring cleaning, micropls can come to you to blow out and remove dust and debris from your computer, laptop, or other electronic device. As your computer runs, it collects dust and debris from the air in your home or business, and over time this dust can degrade the performance of your computer and reduce its lifespan. If it is the operating system of the computer itself that needs to be tidied up, we will clean out your operating system of any unnecessary apps and files to maximize your performance and free storage space.

Micropls provides fast computer cleaning service at an affordable price. By taking the time to carefully remove dust and dirt from your computer’s vents, fans, buttons, and ports we can help prolong the life of your device and prevent overheating, drive failures, and other mechanical problems.

With the preventative support services of PC Fixer, you can save yourself the expense of buying an entirely new machine. We provide quick servicing and cleaning for all your electronics. Our expert repair service team can address your problems right in your home. We can check for serious problems and provide you with the home computer service that will save you money in the long run.

Take the time to protect your investment. Micropls will provide exceptional home computer service and do the work while you wait. We will focus on addressing whatever problems you have.

We can provide the following:

Computer case cleaning
Safe screen cleaning
Removing dust buildup from fans and heat sinks
Organize devices and cables to prevent buildup and clutter
Check processor and RAM for signs of overheating
Check hard drive/solid-state drive for premature wear
Clean and dust keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.
Clear USB, Ethernet, and other ports
And any other support service your computer might need!

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