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Office Computer Repairs

When you need onsite business computer repair and support services, Micropls is the company for you. We can arrive at your business within two hours and troubleshoot any brand of broken system. Whether you have a Dell, HP, Toshiba, or Mac computer, we provide excellent business IT support.

We specialize in all types of repairs, from replacement of desktop computer power supplies, motherboard replacement, and operating system re-installations, to updating software, upgrading video cards and RAM, Exchange server troubleshooting and optimization, and everything in between and beyond. With our onsite support services, you can save yourself the expense of buying an entirely new machine and get same day repairs and solutions. We provide quick services for all your maintenance needs. We can address your problems right there in your office or home. We simply diagnose the problem, and provide you with the service you need.

Expert MacBook and Dell laptop repair technicians When you have an urgent problem, we are ready to come to you. Call us and request our emergency response service and we will drop everything to be at your location as quickly as possible. We will arrive at your site prepared to do the work while you wait.

We can provide service for the following:

Server, laptop, and workstation repair
Tough viruses and difficult malware
PC and Apple computer repair
Network troubleshooting
Internet connection setup
Wireless network configuration
Motherboard repair and replacement
Cooling fan and heat sink maintenance
Disk drive repair and replacement
RAM replacement and upgrades
And any other needed maintenance!

There are times when you simply cannot spare the time and hassle of sending your equipment into a shop for repairs or routine service. When you require same-day computer repair, contact us. We bring you years of expertise that you can rely on. Throughout Melbourne, we will be at your door when you need us.

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